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Last week in May

I listened to 2 complete books and am on a third book. Here is what I listened to...

The Inn at Rose Harbour by Debbie Macomber read by Lorelei King. This was my first Debbie Macomber book. I loved it. Again a story about life's ups and downs written in an easy read or listen manner. The characters were well developed. I liked the humour and the suspense.

Full House by Janet Evanovich also read by Lorelei King was another mystery with life events infused. A little too much about physical desires for my liking but still a good listen.

Fly Away by Kristen Hannah is what I am currently listening to. It is a little depressing since it is about the people who are left behind when someone they love dies young. Hoping it has a good ending.

I am linking to Spreading the Love 2.0 at The Steadfast Reader.


  1. You are knocking them out left and right, and probably getting a whole lot of other stuff done too!

    1. Probably because I listen to a book when I drive in the car, quilt on the long arm, while hand piecing quilts, cooking dinner, mowing the lawn etc.... :)


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