"Getting it Done" Challenge November 2013

It was a much better month. I got my energy levels back up. Getting a fair amount done.

This was MY OCTOBER LIST 2013.  Let's see how I did...

1. Complete one or more charity quilt. (Done 6, only 5 in pics)
2. Complete customer quilt.

3. Continue to work on, hopefully finish my in-laws queen quilt. ( putting this on bottom of the pile) ( half done)
4. Continue to hand sew Hawaiian appliqué blocks for family quilt. (Still working on it)
5. Work on first Son's t-shirt quilt. ( not started )
6. Finish blue twin quilt for charity. (Done but forgot to take a pic)
7. Make a strawberry shortcake baby quilt on commission. (Ordered panel but not started.)
8. Customer baby quilt. ( done )


1. Complete more charity quilts.
2. Complete 2 customer quilts (one long armed, one commissioned baby quilt)
3. Work on our Hawaiian lap quilt, needle turn appliqué when travelling.
4. Work on in laws quilt.
5. Work on first son's t-shirt quilt.

I will be linking this post with Judy Laquidara's post at Patchwork Times.

Something New!

I am learning to play the clarinet! Would you believe it! I get to take the lessons at work for free to be a role model to the students in the school and at band. I get to borrow the clarinet until May. We even have a concert at Christmas!

Couple finishes

Finished a couple quilts on my long arm, Glory Be. One for a customer and another for a local charity. Glory Be went in for a service but now she is back and ready to quilt. I did find out that in the future she will need a power port and new handles. But still likes to stitch!