Quilting and Working...

These are the many quilts I have been working on and enjoying every minute.  Even with errors or problems, I see each as a learning experience.  I thank God for this love of quilting and being able to serve in our church.  I also enjoy helping out my sister and Mom with their various projects.

New Addition!

 I got a long arm quilt machine!!  I am so thankful for this new addition for a few reasons.  The store that I used to rent the long arm from is not renting anymore.  Second, I now can help long arm prayer quilts for church.  I can also do my own or any family members quilts.  I love the whole process.  I feel blessed to have this machine.  Doors have opened up that were closed before.  I would eventually like to turn it into a business.  "Glory Be" is what it is called.  Short for Glory Be to God for providing all of this!  I am excited what will be in store in the future!  I have a blog for Glory Be going: http://gbtgquilting3.blogspot.ca/

Our Garden 2012

Before and after pics of our 2012 garden.  Tonnes of growth this year.  We planted 1 watermelon, 2 zucchini (green and yellow), 3 cherry tomatoes (2 red, 1 yellow), one tomato called "Old German" (yellow), 4 red peppers, 1 cayenne pepper, 6 romain lettuce, 1 asparagus and 3 eggplant.  We also put in 4 sunflowers. Next year we don't need so many lettuce plants. I have lettuce coming out of my ears. Also only one zucchini plant. 1 less cherry tomato too. I would put the watermelon plant somewhere else.  All in all a good year for growing a garden.  Lots of sun... not much rain though.

A Watermelon!

This baby was found in our neighbours yard from our water melon plant!  We don't know if it is even ready.  I pulled the plant back into our garden but didnt' know it was growing next door.  Thanks to the neighbour for giving it back!

Ultimate Frisbee with the family

Ultimate Frisbee tournament today at Agape Valley! We played as a family with CJ and a couple others.  E had to leave early for work. It started out a cloudy day so I forgot sunscreen and now have a burnt face!  I enjoyed playing with the whole family!

Baking with E!

These are Whoopie Pies.  E and I baked them.  We then made the icing and put them together.  They do slide around a little.  E made a coffee to go with his.  Rjr ate one and I ate one. Very filling!  It was nice to do this together.

Next 16 yr old's Quilt

This is the quilt top for A.  He turns 16 in August.  As each neice or nephew turns 16 they get a lap quilt.  As it now stands, I will be making lap quilts until 2019!  I enjoy piecing them and renting the long arm to quilt them.  I then machine bind them to make them complete.
This was a block of the month using a special ruler called the Lazy Angle Ruler.  The fabric are all batiks.  I started this project 9 months ago.

R's Christmas Gift.

This is the quilt I made for R, for Christmas 2011.  I pieced it and then long arm quilted it.  I also put flannel on the back.  I think it turned out well and it looks good in our living room.

My first long arm quilt

This is a kit I purchased on line.  I did switch out one fabric... the yellow.  It was supposed to have been navy.  I thought I didn't have enough fabric but I really did. I figured it our later.  I did this as my first long arm quilt project.

K's birthday gift

This is the bag I made for K's birthday.  I have made several for my neice's but didn't always take a pic.  She loved it!

Starting again...

 I am going to try blogging more and see how it goes. We just completed a flower/ plant garden last week. This is the before and after.  We used 4 yards of composted cow manure and 3 yards of triple mix.  I expect that the gardens will sink.  The plan was done at Mori Gardens.  We did the labour.

I also worked on the back gardens. Adding plants and wood chips free from a local park.

Here is the new addition:  a red delicious apple tree!