TGIFF - First Fall Friday!

Welcome TGIFF to the first fall post and the last Friday of September 2014!

It is always a priviledge to host TGIFF!  I love seeing what you all accomplish in your quilty lives!

Here are my finishes this week.  It's all about giving back!  Quilting can give us such an opportunity to share our time and talents.  A wonderful group of quilters at my LQS called the Kindred Spirits Community Quilters, take the time to get together each month to sew quilts for local charities. They piece the tops and backs and I get the chance to long arm quilt a few of these lovelies as does another fellow long armer.  Click here to see the many community quilts I have long arm quilted this year.
This week I completed a large lap quilt for the Kindred Spirit Community Quilters.
I used a silver thread by Superior Threads with a pantograph called Popcorn. (Sorry my pics are not as good- somehow my new ios 8 is not working with blogger)


Earlier this week, I had an opportunity to give back to a student in my class. She brought me this quilt top that she pieced together by hand using bandanas!  She knows I quilt and was so excited to show me.  I asked her if I could take it home and long arm quilt it for her and put the binding on.  She picked the pantograph called Beaded Curtain and I used the silver thread I had on the machine from the charity quilt.  So this is what her quilt looked like quilted.  Still have to put the binding on.


  1. Great job with the quilting, Audrey! Thanks for hosting TGIFF!

  2. Beautiful quilting, it adds great texture to the quilt.

  3. Lovely quilting on the charity lap quilt. And how nice of you to help your friend get her bandana quilt top finished. Both quilts look fantastic!

  4. Thanks for hosting! Popcorn is one of my favorite quilt patterns.

  5. The bandana quilt is so cute and you've done a great job with the quilting!

  6. That was so nice of you to quilt and bind the quilt for your student. Your quilting is beautiful!


  7. That popcorn design is fantastic! Thanks for hosting this week.

  8. Beautiful quilting! Thanks for hosting!

  9. TGIF :)
    Lovely quilts and quilting. You're very generous. I need to make time for more Charity.


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