My Completed Quilts 2014

8 quilts completed by me start to finish.

8. Class Quilt 2014 -  June

7. My Niece's 16th Birthday lap quilt- April

6. Friend's girl twin baby quilt - April

5. Friend's boy twin baby quilt - April

4. Baby quilt mid February

3. Jungle Baby Quilt #2  Feb. 4

2. Bunny Baby Quilt - Feb 2

1. Jungle baby Quilt - #1 Jan 25


  1. Hi I see you have a HQSixteen too! I love mine! I am just starting out to try and do customer quilts and gaining my confidence!
    Have you had your machine long? I liked how you set your table up for your customers to choose from your patterns and thread.
    I just love the Soft and White too! It quilts up really nice

    Good luck Linda

  2. I love the backs od your quilts too. I am a mad woman in selecting fabrics for my quilt backs. I usually mix and match colors,


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