Finally a start to finish!

It feels like I am struggling to finish projects right now. With selling the house, teaching at summer camp and have a small flood in our basement so much time has gone elsewhere and not to quilting and creating.
I wanted to make this pedal purse for a while now...
From this magazine...
And I did! I made some minor adjustments like buttons and where I put the Velcro. But I think I have to put the Velcro back to its original spot. I also didn't put the zipper in.
I thought I would put it here but it will get dirty from the tire.

So then I thought I would put it here but I think it will fall over when riding.


So I think I will change the straps so I can put it on the front like the picture. I changed it...a much better fit!

This is how it looks as a purse.

I also got 3 new additions to my Hermit Crab Family. Here they are...

Here are all of them... I have had hermit crabs for about 7 or 8 years now.  I have 2 of my original crabs left so I decided to get some new friends.

Click on the picture below to join our group.

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  1. What a win! making something useful with pretty fabric, and getting to sew it! LeeAnna at not afraid of color

  2. It looks great on the front of the bike. And fun as a purse too- so nice to have something versatile.

  3. Ooh, well done! I love that you can attach it to the bike and then take it with you. Great job!


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