This is all I got done...sorry

( A finish but not a quilt...)

July 18
I did not complete my one quilting goal for this week. I did get some EPP done but only last Sunday. I will share those pics at Hexie Weekend. My job goal to survive Summer Math camp is going well.  It is so easy to jump into teacher mode so I have to remember it is camp too!

I did get my house goal done.  We needed to get the house ready to sell it.  I hope you don't mind seeing house organizing finishes cause I am so happy it is done! (and then I have time to quilt again!)  Now we have to just keep it up. Many of these pics are panographs. (I hope you like house pictures, taken with afternoon sun shining in)

I take care of the outside too like cutting the grass and gardens. ( I enjoy it and my husband is allergic to grass! Seriously he is...he has to wear a mask and take an allergy pill and then sleep for hours cause he has an allergy attack!
The front

The back.

Living room (I made the quilt on the right for my husband)

Kitchen and dining room across from living room.



Our room

Basement rec room

Basement bedroom (left quilt is a bought one, my mom made the right quilt and I did the long arm quilting)

The most important room in the house!

Younger son's room upstairs. (I made this quilt!)

Older son's room upstairs. (My mom made this quilt.)

Loft upstairs

Upstairs Boys' bathroom (have to have proof that it can be this clean!)

There are a couple more bathrooms but I didn't take pics of them.

This is what I worked on for 3 weeks so this could happen starting today...

By the way...this has been a great house but now it is just too big when the "not so little ones" start to go away to university.  We just don't need the space.  We are looking for a townhouse where they cut the grass and we just walk in and live and quilt!

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  1. It is so hard when they grow up and move away. Simplifying your life is nice, too.

  2. Thank you for letting us visit and thank you for linking up at TGIFF.


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