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June 1, 2014

I listened to one audiobook this week and started a second yesterday. The first book was a longer one and I did less quilting due to a busy week so less listening time.

Here's what I listened to...

Fly Away by Kristen Hannah. 

It was a long story about grief over the death of a mother, wife and friend. It told the story from all who were left behind. It was well done. Sometimes I wished it wasn't so dark but grief can be however it ended well.

Yesterday I started this book...

Full Speed by Janet Evanovich and Charlotte Hughes, read by Lorelei King.

Always a good listen with funny parts, mystery parts and life parts!

I am linking to Spreading the Love 2.0 Linky party by The Steadfast Reader.


  1. I love these little updates! Do you ever listen to your audiobooks at faster than the speeds that they're recorded at?

    1. Thanks April! No I haven't yet...should I? Is is good?

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