"Getting it Done" Challenge Feb./ March 2013

Here's my February list and how I did: not in any particular order.

1. work on my son's 16th birthday quilt ( have 5 rows done )
2. Work on a prayers quilt kit ( not done)
3. work on Little Birdie embroidery quilt top ( all complete and LA quilted)
4. long arm any church prayer quilts ( have one to do, it is on the LA)
5. if nothing on the long arm... work on another baby quilt
6. Long arm my Mom's quilt (done)

7. LA quilt My sister's lap quilt for Sandra ( done)

1. Finish prayer quilt on LA and bind it ( done )
2. Work on my son's quilt top. ( done )
3. Long arm quilt my son's quilt. ( done )
4. Long arm quilt customer's queen size quilt. ( done and have another to do).
3. Start sewing commissioned queen size quilt top. ( have worked on it)

Not too much but big jobs.

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  1. I almost didn't recognize Birdie Stitches because you did a different setting. It looks great!


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