Friday Finishes in March and a new Linky Party??

Chat time:
Last week I got a lot done, I am going a little slower since I have to get used to getting back to work!  I did complete, long arm quilting and binding, a couple small lap prayer quilts on the weekend and then still working on the last one during the week.
I have been rushing to get to quilting and worrying that I do not get time to sew.  I have decided that I also need some even slower quiet time to sit.  I don't sit when I long arm quilt.  I think it will be a healthier balance especially during the busy work week.  I now view the time I do spend quilting as quality time not necessarily quantity.

Linky Party: 
Also I would like to try to host a linky party on the weekends for those who would like to post their weekly goals. These weekly goals keep my sewing time focused with more quality and not jumping around onto different projects. I don't get too bothered if I don't accomplish them.  They are more like a "To Do" list. I know a few bloggers have mentioned that goals do the same for them. I am aiming for starting April 4th.   I am new to blogging so there might be some bumps along the way. This is the sample link box below.  I am not sure I like it yet but will research other methods of creating one.  This link may change in look. Please watch my blog for more information.

So here is a picture review of what I accomplished this week. Long arm quilted and bound.

Prayers and Squares Church Ministry Lap Prayer Quilt

Another Prayers and Squares prayer quilt.

I am linking to the following blogs:

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Click on the links on the right sidebar to check out some wonderful finishes.

Audrey @ GloryBe Quilter


  1. Like those autumn colours in your prayer and squares quilt. Nice work.

  2. Your quilt is beautiful and your linky party is a good idea :)

    1. Thank you. I am glad to hear you think my Linky party is a good idea. Thanks for visiting.

  3. Replies
    1. Yes they did! Thank you. I am glad you enjoyed them too!

  4. Gosh you've been busy! Thanks so much for linking up, I love your quilts and love the name "prayers and squares" :)


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