Quilting Hawaii style

Instead of surf lessons in Maui, I decided to take a quilt class to make a Hawaiian pillow. It is one block that can be turned into a pillow or a quilt. It is appliqué style which I have never done.  I am enjoying it.
At Maui Quilt Shop, they offer every Friday a  2 hour class to learn how to do a Hawaiian pillow. You can choose the morning class or afternoon class. Helen was my instructor and was very good. I did not finish in the 2 hours (no one did) but got the basics that I needed to work on it on my own. I can also come back on Fridays and pay the small fee to get more help with it. I think I am ok. It is getting easier and I am getting faster. Here are a couple pictures of it so far. It is called Stephanotis (pua male). It is 18" square. He is the whole pillow panel.

Here is what I have done so far.

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